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‎Merill Fernando‎ on October 31

Put the FreedomCase on my Surface Pro the day I got it and not once has it come off in the last 2+ months. The best accessory that I bought for the Surface which made it infinitely more usable. Thanks so much for making such a high quality cover!

‎Ron Keislair‎ on September 27

I got my FreedomCase through a Kickstarter a couple of days ago. I love it already!!! So simple yet so versitile. And how nice to see my Surface edge to edge while I'm using it! My ten months' search is over. A must have for every Surface owner. Thanks, and greetings from the Netherlands.

‎Luis Quintero‎ on August 20

I just received mine today and I'm extremely impressed with the quality and practicality. The wait was definitely worth it and it was even estimated to be delivered on Saturday and I got it today which was amazing. Great job, I hope you guys keep designing more products!

‎James King‎ on August 18

Got my case yesterday and must say I am impressed. I have the Surface Pro 1 and love the viewing angles that the Freedom Case offers me now. Thank you so much for such a great product.

‎‎Alex Mathias on July 19

Received my FreedomCase this morning! Fantastic. Everything you said it would be and more. Nice quality, unobtrusive, and great to use. Thanks Chris and the rest of the team!!

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threecleartones on August 22

My FreedomCase arrived a couple days ago and I love love LOVE it! Nicely designed, looks cool, and I can finally angle my Surface Pro (first gen) perfectly for use while standing at my kitchen counter, as well as use it comfortably on my lap clam-shell style. I also found the whole process the team went through to bring this product to fruition fascinating - there were many hiccups, but the team was very communicative and forthcoming with updates and information about everything. I am totally satisfied with this product. Thanks!

Gideon Dailey on August 20

Absolutely brilliant! At first I was a little irked that production kept getting delayed, but I am SO happy that Chris made sure that each case was made properly. Kudos on the hard work and hopefully this will allow FreedomCase to expand to other electronic devices as well!

Antonio J. Virella Jr. on August 20

Just received my case four days early (Charlotte, NC). The case is amazing and truly revolutionary. I would compare it to how the smart cover changed the game for the iPad. The quality is a lot better than what I was expecting from anything on kickstarter. I have the PU basic model, no leather. Its a must have for any surface owner. It definitely gave new life to my 2 year old surface rt and touch cover 1. The wait did suck but the quality is well worth it. Now I'm just waiting on Mighty No. 9 (kickstarter project), a year and counting. Lmbo.

Keith Isley on August 20

Just got home to find my case delivered THREE DAYS EARLY! I'm extremely impressed with the case so far - light and well-constructed - and the newfound flexibility (being able to type comfortably on my lap, for instance) is exactly as advertised. (I'm typing that way now. It's awesome.) I'm really glad I stayed with this through all the delays. Chris and team - thank you! You've got a happy backer here!

Ted Goodman on August 20

Just got my case about 5 minutes ago, and already have discovered a single problem: I can now carry my Surface everywhere, much to the annoyance of my wife. Great job on this case.

4rmless on July 30

Received today, so impressed with it. Fits perfectly with the type keyboard, also space to tuck the microfibre cloth into the kickstand cover at the back. Already passed the baby proof and tea resistance test in one go.
Thanks guys.

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