FreedomCase Info

Introducing the FreedomCase, an adjustable stand and case for Microsoft Surface tablets.

A sleek, low-profile protective case that allows you to use your Surface anywhere, with kickstand and keyboard cover integration.

The FreedomCase allows you to customize your viewing angle through a unique folding mechanism. The low profile, lightweight, and durable case integrates with your Surface’s kickstand and works seamlessly with or without your Touch and Type covers. A built-in stylus holder allows you to secure your stylus while charging.

The FreedomCase is the best Surface case on the market:

  • Adjusts to the way you use your tablet: multiple viewing angles and easy one-handed operation allows your Surface to adapt to the way you work, allowing you to use your Surface in any situation or configuration. It eases the strain on your upper neck and back, since you can properly adjust the angle based on how you’re using your Surface. 
  • Functional and sleek: low profile with enhanced functionality, the FreedomCase won’t get in the way when you’re ready to pack up your Surface and go. Adding minimal bulk at less than 3 mm (1/10th of an inch) thick and weighing less than 10 ounces, you won't notice it in your bag. It doesn’t cover up your ventilation ports or screen bezel, so you don’t have to worry about overheating or framing your screen with an unprofessional, unsightly bulge.
  • Add stability: the FreedomCase creates a more stable platform, allowing you to use it more effectively while on uneven surfaces (such as your lap). 

  • Designed for Surface: the FreedomCase has been approved by Microsoft to be fully compatible with your Surface. We designed this with the Surface as our single priority, so you can be confident you will be receiving a premium product. 

  • Better protection for peace of mind: the FreedomCase wraps around your Surface while not in use and closes securely with hidden rare earth magnets. Impact protection is provided by ABS panels and a durable polyurethane exterior. The interior is microfiber suede, so it is gentle on your Surface and prevents scratches.

  • Use your Surface the way you want: Additional angles and added stability allow you to use your Surface anywhere.

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