About The FreedomCase

The FreedomCase gives you the freedom to use your Surface anywhere: an unique Microsoft Surface case and cover with adjustable angles.

The FreedomCase allows you to customize your viewing angle through a unique folding mechanism. The low profile, lightweight, and durable case integrates with your Surface’s kickstand and works seamlessly with or without your Touch and Type covers. A built-in stylus holder allows you to secure your stylus while charging.

FreedomCase: Surface Case with Adjustable Angles

  • Adjusts to the way you use your tablet: multiple viewing angles and easy one-handed operation allows your Surface to adapt to the way you work, allowing you to use your Surface in any situation or configuration. It eases the strain on your upper neck and back, since you can properly adjust the angle based on how you’re using your Surface.
  • Functional and sleek: low profile with enhanced functionality, the FreedomCase won’t get in the way when you’re ready to pack up your Surface and go. Adding minimal bulk at less than 3 mm (1/10th of an inch) thick and weighing less than 10 ounces, you won’t notice it in your bag. It doesn’t cover up your ventilation ports or screen bezel, so you don’t have to worry about overheating or framing your screen with an unprofessional, unsightly bulge.

FreedomCase Lap Use

  • Add stability: the FreedomCase creates a more stable platform, allowing you to use it more effectively while on uneven surfaces (such as your lap).


  • Better protection for peace of mind: the FreedomCase wraps around your Surface while not in use and closes securely with hidden rare earth magnets. Impact protection is provided by ABS panels and a durable polyurethane exterior. The interior is microfiber suede, so it is gentle on your Surface and prevents scratches.


  • Secure your stylus and charge: an elastic loop allows you to secure your stylus while the charger is connected.

FreedomCase Keyboard Under

  • Works with your keyboard covers: the unique design integrates with the Surface kickstand. It works with or without a keyboard cover (both Touch and Type, all generations). You can use it with the keyboard cover deployed or folded behind the Surface for use in tablet mode.

Kickstand Integration

  • Designed for Surface: the FreedomCase has been approved by Microsoft to be fully compatible with your Surface. We designed this with the Surface as our single priority, so you can be confident you will be receiving a premium product.

Designed for Surface blue

How was the FreedomCase created and how has it evolved? 

Chris first had the idea for the FreedomCase (then called the Smart Surface Case) in May 2013 when he bought his Surface Pro. He discovered that the available cases had major shortcomings: too bulky, limited functionality, didn’t play well with the kickstand, wasn’t compatible with keyboard covers, covered up ports, etc.

Kickstarter Prototyping

So, he set out to create a better solution. Drawing from his background as an engineer, Chris started sketching out prototypes and purchasing raw materials to build his first case. Testing magnet placement for the case was also important as certain magnet placements had the potential to affect the Surface in undesired ways (namely, putting it to sleep).

In September 2013, he presented early prototypes to the Surface community to get feedback. He received an overwhelmingly positive response and continued to improve the case. Through December of 2013, and the creation of many different iterations of prototypes, we’ve arrived at something that is unique and refined.

FreedomCase Bed

What the Microsoft Surface community has been saying about the FreedomCase: 

“I am most impressed with the stunning new angles incorporated in the FreedomCase… especially love how I can use my Surface on my lap or even when I am lying in bed.” – Elly C.

“That is amazing. Fits the keyboard, has magnetic clasps… THIN! Need. Now. I need it.” – John G.

“This version looks much easier to utilize the different viewing angles. Simple design, but incredible versatility.” – Neeraj A.

“The 82 degree angle will be wonderful for note taking. Just take my money!” – Derek M.

Which Surface models is it compatible with?

All Surface models will be able to use the FreedomCase. It will come in two variations: one for the Surface RT/Surface 2 and another for the Surface Pro/Surface Pro 2.

How can I buy one?

We successfully funded the FreedomCase on Kickstarter on March 15, 2014.

Additional pre-orders are available now, with product delivery estimated to be late May – early June, 2014.

Pre-order FreedomCase Now

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  1. Very excited about your product. Exceptional creativity and design. Have you had the opportunity to verify compatibility with the newly released power cover? Thanks -

    • Steven,
      I asked them about the power cover and the current model does not work with it. They said they may design one in the coming months that will. At the bottom of the home page is a newsfeed subscription field, probably the best way to get a heads up when/if they create a cover that works with the Power Cover.

  2. I heard of this moments ago on “WPC” as I am there at least twice a day getting the latest news. I have placed my pledge, cause I want one :) I posted it on FB so that you may get some other pledges from my surface friends.

    Only thing I wanted you to know was in the article on WPC it states “If your rocking a first generation Surface or Surface Pro you’re stuck with one viewing angel.” I have a Surface Pro and was immediately disappointed as I understood that to mean it would not be compatible with mine. I was very relieved when I saw that it was compatible on freedomcase.com.
    The article does not specifically state that it is not compatible but it lead me to believe it was not. Maybe you can get that corrected… if not hopefully everyone will show enough interest to check out the details, so we can get this to production.

  3. Too bad we can’t support the kickstarter from Holland. I have 5 surfaces within my family. All needing a case. And I’ve been following you from the start!
    Is there no other solution than to wait whether the kickstarter is successful?

    • Hi Ariena, thanks you for your continued support. We are aiming to have a pre-order set up before the Kickstarter campaign ends if the funding goal is met. This means that our international friends will be able to pre-order and receive their FreedomCase (or FreedomCases, in your instance) as early as possible. Keep an eye out on your e-mail inbox and we’ll announce it when it happens!

  4. I want to back this project once it gets on kickstarter. However, i do not own a credit card. As far as I know kickstarter doesn’t support PayPal. How will I still be able to support the kickstarter campaign?

  5. Great work! I will certainly be interested. Compatibility with upcoming power cover will be important. I would pay a premium ($50+) for a worthy cover – especially if the ‘feel’ of the materials matches the looks and durability. Sign me up!

  6. Love it. Please make in thin leather like iPad air case. This solves the main issue with spro2 which is the stand. hurry – people will buy other cases.


  8. What about a basically identical magnetic cover as the two MS covers WITHOUT any keyboard? The keyboard is an un-needed complication for many. It could also have a little magnetic thing to loop around to the backside to secure it from flopping open and closed. I know I’m not alone on this one, and I refuse to NOT use those sweet magnetic contacts. I’ll cave and get a MS cover before I let those contacts go wasted.

  9. Hi Chris, you have a great idea with this product, with the way surface tablets are selling and the lack of good cases, I think your product can be a strong player in the market. One suggestion I do have for you is to add customized colors for the case (I know you may have already been thinking about it). If your case can be sold around less than 30 dollars, it will be very hard for any surface owner to resist. Also, please don’t miss the timing to release your product, the new stock of surface has already been replenished on the MS site

  10. I would love this case. Iv been looking for the perfect case for my surface 2 and I haven’t been able to find anything that would come close to satisfy what I would want. This is perfect. Maybe more color choices and customization for business and schools?

  11. Love the case, I have the RT and we are looking at having our technicians and sales staff all move over to the Surface this year and would love to be able to put a case with our logo on them all as we roll them out. If you are still looking for help testing we could do that as well. I also think this is a product we would like to help our customers connect to. Let me know when you are looking at getting these out to the public.

  12. Great work on this Chris! Let me know when you have a prototype available. I think my entire office would be interested in this product.

  13. I have been looking fora case like this. If you need someone to test it out let me know. Our family has a few Surfaces and would be able to give multiple points of view. God bless & Good luck! Thank you.

  14. I bought the original Surface Pro and have not been able to find a light and adjustable case until I found this website. I would love to try it out and give feedback if possible. I just love the video demo and believe I can give great input since I have had my surface pro for a very long time and use it on a daily basis for work in sales. Let me know, thanks.


  15. I just took the survey and am anxious to hear from you. I’m hopeful to be selected for the trial program. You have solved my only complaint with my Surface Pro, which I love, and bought when they first came out in late March.

    Thank you

  16. I personally don’t want all this other add on stuff. As I stated before the case was perfect from the beginning. Unless you are going to provide different cases which incorporates the many design requests.

  17. Could we have a demonstration of how the rear camera works with the case chris? I also believe includeing an arm/hand clasp behind the case for helping to hold the surface pro while in use is necessary for the surface pro because of its size and weight (unlike the ipads). More importantly, please consider having the case compatible with the power cover. I want to thank you for not rushing into mass production and pausing to consider the communities’ ideas to create the perfect, no compromise case. Brilliant concept.

  18. Hi Chris, what is your design/production/marketing lead time on this case? Don’t forget to protect your design. You need to get it out asap to benefit from Christmas but suspect your a few months away yet. Looks good – please no ill positioned magnets that could inadvertently put the Surface into sleep mode! Good luck.

  19. Shame it’s not for sale yet – exactly what I’m looking for.

    All the other cases are ugly leather things that just get in the way. I’m after a case that is attached, but doesn’t get in the way – and also incorporates the Touch Cover…

    Multiple viewing angles is a bonus.

  20. My Friend you are genius!!!! but you are waiting too much to sell that beauty!!!! PLEASE start selling that right now!!!!!! ( I am dont use the Touch or Type cover) so your case is just perfect!!!!

  21. I’m buying a Surface soon (next 2 to 4 wks) to replace iPad Mini and am looking for good case (similar to DeviceWear case I have for iPad mini). So far, your case is the closest thing to Device Wear for mini and I really like it. Based on my 2 hrs of surfing web and trying to find a case for Surface, your case would be my choice. Nothing out there comes close to versatility and also still compact ( I don’t like bulky cases, especially since Surface is already larger and more bulky than iPad). Good design to keep it sleek. And I like that that it extends beyond the edges to protect. I;ve already dropped my iPad a few times during night time when it fell from my bed, but the DeviceWear case protected it well. I would want similar protection for Surface. I know it will not be equal to Device wear, but if it comes close to Device Wear protection, then I’m a buyer. It would be nice if you could keep the cost under $50

  22. It lookes like it is no problem with rearcamera, it is open there! If people hasnt noticed, in video around 30 sec and after.

    I see its going a little outside the shortside, but does it protect from a fall from the side? I know the Surface is very durable, so just a liiittle “something” protecting all sides would probably make it ok for falls. Not need for much, put is there? Or else that would be it. A human friendly tissue with none of most dangerus endocrine disrupters would be cool. Important to me…

    • Hi George — Yes, we tested the case with larger pens (even thicker than the Wacom Bamboo Feel Stylus) and it worked great. The stylus holder is elastic and so it expands to hold larger styluses. Regarding the power cover, we’ll need to do testing when the power cover comes out.

  23. I have been looking for a case like this for the past week or so for my Surface Pro 2 — the only things I would add is an OPENING FOR THE REAR CAMERA and a HAND STRAP . . . and a reasonable price … right now there is little or nothing available with these requirements for a good price at for the Surface Pro 2..

  24. I like the concept of this cover. I want to buy this cover but it needs to be light. Also with the type cover the screen is already protected so I would like some kind of smart case that would only cover the back of my surface pro two. The only reson for this is I dont want my tablet to be heavy and bulky

    • Hey Mike, I completely understand your concern. We’re looking at everything but prioritizing features as makes sense for most of the users and is feasible to do. There are certainly requests that are just not going to be possible in order to maximize usability, quality, design aesthetics, pricing, etc. We’re working as hard as we can to bring this to everyone as fast as possible. That said, thanks for hanging in there and all of your support!

  25. Just thought of a really cool feature. What if you had a strap on the back that you could put your hand in and hold the Surface with. Sort of like the things that Verizon employees use on the tablets they have in store.

  26. I kind of like that it doesn’t have any cut out for the back camera. It allows me to record my lectures at University without anyone knowing/seeing the camera light.

  27. You should add corners to protect the edges of the screen, in case the screen falls flat on the face, the wrap around corners lessen the damage

  28. I would buy this case for sure. Besides the camera cutout at the back, the case has everything I need: sleek, slim, adjustable, and the most important thing for me personally: able to fold my type cover and hold it with one hand.

  29. I like how I can use the original kickstand angles on the surface pro 2 with this case along with the other angles the case provides.

  30. Ahh, just noticed a small-but-mighty flaw; there’s no cut-out hole for the rear camera! This appears to be easily fixable, so, please consider fixing that (along with the following suggestions I pointed out earlier) before putting it on kick-starter!

    “Looking forward to seeing the new case. Also completed the survey, please consider at least adding protection for all 4 corners of the Surface (and maybe the pen) in the case the Surface is dropped on the left/right side. Better safe than sorry.

    Also, if possible, make the outer part feel/look like a carbon graphite case with a pattern like this: http://bit.ly/17CUgDF

    • Hi Raashid, thanks for your feedback. Question: Are you referring to using the back camera when the Surface is in “tablet mode” (e.g. without the keyboard attached)?

      For the other angles, the case does not block the camera or it can be folded out of the way. Alternatively, the Surface can be quickly pulled out of the case to take pictures. Does this address your concern?

  31. Make sure you provide for proper venting.

    I like the 83 Degree angle. it will work better when using the pen on my lap.

  32. Planning on purchasing a Suface2. I will be purchasing your case when it is read for market. Do you have some sort of date when this2 will be?

    • Hi Ralph, we’re working as hard as we can to make this case available as soon as possible! We are planning to launch a kickstarter for the case and will need everyone’s support. Stay tuned — we’ll be sending email updates as the kickstarter approaches! Thanks for your patience in the meantime!

  33. Maybe place another stylus loop on the left side for left-handed people or have just one loop that is interchangeable.

  34. I am looking for a cover that can
    1) protect my screen against dirt, water or hard knock.
    2) Adjustable to various angels – depending on our sitting position/laying down on sofa/bed.
    3) Its not bulky but durable and light in weight.

    Yes, the kickstater feeler meets my requirement. I will surely buy one. I am from Malaysia. I hope its possible to ship to Malaysia. Thank You.

    • Hi Bradley, we’re working our hardest to make the case available for everyone as soon as possible. We will be launching a Kickstarter and will need everyone’s support when that happens. Stay tuned for an email update as the Kickstarter approaches. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!

  35. The case is perfect as it is, just make it available as soon as possible. I have the surface pro 2 and I for one would like the additional angles that this case provides. I bought my surface 2 with this case in mind. I purchased another case just as a hold over until this one available.

  36. I like this case design, and at this price point ($20 to $30), I would definitely consider buying it. However, the second gen Surfaces already provide 2 viewing angles, so additional viewing angles alone aren’t persuasive enough to add bulk to the tablet. My personal preference would be for this cover to have a little lip (like with the new Note 3 folio covers from Samsung), so that it provides a little bit of drop protection, though admittedly with a device this heavy, it’s only going to be a little protection… But if the lip disperses even a little bit of the impact energy of a drop, AND can provide additional angles, I think it would be a much more persuasive buy.

    • Caleb — thanks a lot for your feedback. I think you’ve outlined a great version 2.0 for the case :-) Keep in touch and stay tuned ;-)

    • Hi Justin, the case will be available for the Surface Pro 2 at the same time it’s available for the other Surface models. I am working to make it available as soon as possible. Please register for updates and submit the survey if you haven’t already! Thanks a lot!

  37. I find that cases like this for the ipad tend to be hard to fix into shape: they simply arent sturdy enough. That’s what I love about the built in stand: it may not be adjustable, but it definitely “just works”. – Definitely interested, hoping it’s a sturdy case/cover

    • Thanks Daniel — noted. Sturdiness, quality, and ease of use are all top priorities for this case. More improvements to be announced soon.

  38. Hi Chris, the case is a fantastic looking case for the “Smart Surface Case
    Adjustable Stand & Case for the Microsoft Surface” but where and when can I order one from?? can you please let me know.

    Kind regards


    • Hi Alf, please stay tuned for updates. We are waiting to do testing with the Surface 2 first (which is being released today) before launching the Kickstarer. Thanks for your feedback and for your patience!

  39. I’m excited about your product! I haven’t seen anything like it.
    I can only hope it will be available soon. Will it also be possible to ship it to the Netherlands?

    • Hi Wouter, yes, international shipping will be available for the case and the case can be shipped to the Netherlands. Thank you for your patience! I am waiting to do testing with the new Surface 2 before launching the Kickstarter, so stay tuned for updates.

  40. Hi Chris,

    I think its great…. I’ve been researching cases for about a month, and there are so many bad designs. I think the only thing its missing is a hand slot for when holding and writing on it with the keyboard folded back still attached…. of course fit and finish we all know that …

    Leather would be nice… other than that , Where can I buy one…….


  41. Hi, i think this case is perfect, i need one (definitly pay one),please take me to the beta testers!!
    Greetings from Austria, Wolfgang

  42. Hi Chris, this is Victor! it’s awesome and I have sent the link to my friend! Looking forward to it’s production!

  43. Nice idea but looks like it adds a good deal of bulk. My problem with my Surface Pro is that it is unstable on my lap. The keyboard is too long to fit my legs! So the link between the keyboard and the screen is not maintained. If there was something that stabilized that connection I would buy it in a minute.

    • Hi Sairy, thanks for your feedback. I’ve been using this case with the Surface on my lap and haven’t had any problems. You can check this video of me using it on my lap here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IGqh2JtXbEM

      As for looking bulky — it may look thick because of the angle that I recorded the video. The actual thickness of the case is 1/12 of an inch. Also, because the edges of the Surface are tapered, this might make the Surface look thinner than it actually is. We can try tapering the edges of the case to see if it will make it look thinner. If you think 1/12 of an inch is still too thick though, let me know. :-) Thanks for your feedback!

  44. As a young person (Under 21) and looking to buy a surface RT very shortly when searching for suitable cases I came across yours on YouTube and instantly fell in love!
    It has a completely unique selling point, setting itself miles apart from any of the other cases I have looked at. Being a person who likes to keep their gadgets as perfect as possible for as long as possible I was searching for a case that not only would protect my Surface RT but was also practical as well. And this fits the bill.
    I love the idea of being able to customize the case with your own photos, that again sets it apart from many if not every case I have come across for this model. I also love the idea of the stylus loop, not a factor I had considered before finding the idea on a previous case, and I now wouldn’t consider buying a case without it. So perfect!!!
    I would definitely be interested in buying one, but would pay about £15-£20 (As i’m from the UK) as a maximum. If this is made would it be offered to other countries such as the UK, or at least have an international shipping option? As I see many people here have comment using dollars and the fact your from California leads me to believe this is based in America. But it would be a shame to miss out on such an amazing product :)

    • Hi Amy, thanks for your feedback! Good news–the case will definitely ship to the U.K. Thanks for your support and stay tuned for the upcoming Kickstarter!

  45. It would work great with my Surface Pro. Weight is good. Price is a steal! Plenty of angles for all sorts of situations I have encountered. Added value for the simple loop for stylus.

    1. Does the stylus flop around in the loop? Any way to attach it more securely?
    2. Will attaching via kickstand cause damage to the kickstand in the long run? Are there alternatives?
    3. Have you considered creating a slim version targeted to artists who do not need the keyboard? Perhaps mount using magnetic dock?

    • Hi Andre, just made a new video that I hope answers your question about the stylus. Check out the video here: http://youtu.be/CDKMKJjGbiU

      1. The stylus doesn’t flop around in the hoop. Because the hoop is elastic, it grips and holds the stylus in place.
      2. There’s no sign that the case will damage the kickstand, and it takes almost someone’s full weight to break the Kickstand: (See http://www.wired.com/reviews/2012/10/microsoft-surface/)
      3. Definitely have considered making a slimmer version. Currently trying to figure out how to create an adjustable pocket for the kickstand, which would allow the Pro (without a cover) to be used in the RT sized Smart Surface Case, which is slimmer. The main challenge here is that the kickstands are slightly different sizes.

      Stay tuned and thanks for your feedback Andre!

      • On Surface 2 and SP2 the kickstand has two angels which of course makes the kickstand more vulnerable, just because of the laws of physic.

      • Mr. Leung,
        This case is above standards! Appropriately engineered and I hope the development will demonstrate high quality manufacturing! I would love to see a long stylus pocket/loop for added stability; as is questioned above. The loop piece that holds it seems thin, having it cover more of the pen while maintaining full attachment to the case will be a simple cosmetic change that will resolve this issue. I hope that the development team is also willing to consider adding an arm/hand sleeve so that we may hold it as one would hold a notepad. Credit card pockets or a phone pocket might also be added! Please let me know how likely it will be to have these ideas manifested. Either way I support the current development. I will be providing financial support for the kickstarter. I will also purchase two cases, if not more latter on. Thank you, Chris, for your contribution!

        • Hi Thiago, thanks for your support! We really appreciate the excitement from Surface owners like yourself. Regarding the hand sleeve, we have no plans to roll that out right now as there are some design considerations that place restrictions on that option. We are trying to keep this case as low profile as possible, but will consider other design options after the FreedomCase is in production.

    • Hi Cody, quality is the #1 priority and the goal is to make the case as good as the iPad smart cover/case. Thanks for your feedback!

  46. Hey,

    Any updates on your case? Your pricing is great and I would pick it up. Here are my comments for further refinement towards the final product.

    1. Given that the Surface Pro 2 has a new angle at 55 degrees, I think your product is great in that it provides different angles. It would have been nice if it could be set at 55 as well, but no need given the wide variety you already provide. Also, it seems like the product size and dimensions are completely the same so please Kickstart!

    2. One of the things that bugged me about your video is the product looks really messy and not very clean and sharp, if you know what I mean. Given how sleek the Surface is, I wouldn’t want to throw on a nasty cover that just looks amateurish and sloppy, which I feel is a problem with the majority of cases and covers for Surface other than the OEM ones. Will your final product look cleaner and sleeker?

    3. I also don’t like how when you close everything up, the case kind of lifts up at the top. I know this is also how you get the product to maintain so many different angles, but is there any way you could make this more sharper and sleeker like the iPad cases? You mention it would be made out of the same material, but will we see a better final product?

    4. Will you have other colors as well? Not like I would want anything else, but just out of curiosity.

    5. The pen will stay in all the time, right?

    • Danny, thanks for the awesome feedback.

      1. The new surface angle is 44 degrees actually. This case offers more than 4 additional viewing angles: 33, 49, 60, and 83 degrees. I recently discovered a 5th angle which I will demo in a future video, between 60-70 degrees, great for using on your lap without the type cover.

      2. The prototype in the video is a hand-made rough prototype — the final version will have a smooth, clean, high quality build and will be assembled with laser cutting machines, high frequency fusing machines, etc. It will be as nice as the iPad smart cover in appearance, and I will be doing a lot of quality testing. Good eye.

      3. This will be eliminated in the final version. I will build another prototype to show this — the spacing between the panels in this demo was a little too close, which caused the middle to pop up a little bit. The goal is to create something very clean and sleek. Again, good eye :)

      4. Yes! Multiple colors will be available. If our kickstarter is successful, we’ll have a range of colors that people can choose from.

      5. The pen can stay in all the time. If you want to charge/use the monitor, you will need to slide it up a little bit, but you never have to remove it from the hoop.

      Thanks and let me know if you have any other feedback — both positive and negative feedback is welcome!

      • By the way, just a thought to get more views on your project when you Kickstart, but maybe you should contact tech blogs (i.e. CNET, Endgadget, Gizmodo, the Verge, etc) when it is in the stage of Kickstarter to get more promotion. Not sure if they would be willing to post on their blogs, but if you can get even one company to post for you, that may increase the number of views on this great product. Can’t wait for it to go into production!

    • Hi Steve, thanks for your feedback. I am planning to launch the Kickstarter project within two weeks, and you will have a chance to get a case for yourself. I will send out an announcement and you can also check back here for updates.

    • Hey there — I am planning to launch a Kickstarter project for the case within two weeks, and you will have a chance to get a case for yourself. I will send out an announcement by email and you can also check on this site for updates.

  47. Wow, i’d definitely buy it if it’s $20. Looks great!! We need to know when it’ll be available, usually if I buy a case, that’ll be it, no more looking around for more than one.

  48. This case looks amazing in terms of functionality and aesthetics. I have been looking for a case for my pro since I got it and this is exactly what I have been looking for. I would definitely buy this case.

  49. I would definitely support this project! I can’t wait to start using it comfortably on my lap! All the other cases currently on the market make the tablet weigh way too heavy and don’t have near as much functionality as this one. My only concern is that the sides of the tablet aren’t protected when you use it. Perhaps you could create a frame that wraps around the sides of the tablet, like some smartphone cases have. Obviously, you would lose the functionality of the kickstand, but I wouldn’t mind that.

  50. Yes, I would buy one in a heartbeat! Are you getting closer to going into production? I just bought a surface Rt and I don’t need a keyboard. This case would be perfect.

    • Hi Ed, thanks a lot for your feedback! I still need to collect more feedback before going into production or launching a Kickstarter, so if you know any other Surface users, please help spread the word to them! Thanks a lot!

  51. Loos great! i am surprised with low cost compared with what apple charges for ipad cover.
    Will buy one if I have the surface!

  52. I really like that case style. I have a Kensington case/keyboard for my iPad which is much like it and it works great and if this case comes out on the market, I will definitely get one as well. Good design feature of a pocket to use as a retainer for the kickstand to keep the tablet from sliding out.

  53. Looks cool and very functional. I love the fact I could adjust it to several different angles and would consider buying it at a reasonable price.

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